Monday, April 7, 2014


The time has come.  It's been in the works for four years. 

Our time in the desert is over.

Though we have enjoyed our time here in Del Rio, it is time for us to move on to another fun and exotic location to explore. 

It has been a pleasure writing this blog and sharing our desert adventures with you.  

 Join me soon at my new blogs; Please Send Sunscreen, where I will document living in The Bahamas with a bunch of pasty redheads, and Man with Spear, where I will highlight the adventures of some man I know.  

See you in the sun!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boots, Boats, and Boar

Going way, way back to summer of 2013, the big kids went to sleepover summer camp.  This was Paige's second year going and Josh's first.  

I was so nervous for The Boy.  He was fine about it.  Mama Hen not so much.

 So what did the rest of us do while the Bigs were at camp?

Phoebe and I chilled out in the state park down the road.  Hangin' in the camper.  Trailer babes!

 We went out to lunch, out for ice cream, and to work off all of that garbage, out for hikes in the mountains.  The weather was beautiful and so was my company!

 Georgia continued her don't-be-a-chicken training with exposure to wildlife, new smells and sounds, going up and down stairs that move, and a leash. 

She was not bothered at all.  Except for the wildlife, new smells and sounds, going up and down stairs that move, and the leash. 

If Phoebe and I were in the camper, where was Jerry?

Driving to Montana.  

Of course.  Why wouldn't he drive to Montana.

He drove to Montana from Texas to drop off a friend's boat and pick up our new boat for the Bahamas.  Here it is!  Ain't she purdy? 

Well, it's a boat.  She floats and is reliable.  So yay!

At the end of the week, we picked the Bigs up from camp and headed home.  

 I missed these kids so much!  (And I miss my blonde hair that got messed up after later dyeing it red for Halloween.  But that's another post that's not going to happen.)

 And Georgia?  What was her favorite part of the trip?

"Please, PLEASE, let me chase those javelina!  Just once!  I know they have tusks and will impale me like Olaf and I'm a big chicken and wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it but I'm a Great Dane!  Bred for hunting wild boar!  


Just one?  

The baby one?"

Maybe next time, Georgia.  Maybe next time.

Gingers and Wine

 Introducing the future, all-ginger, Irish swim team!

 Starring Miss Graceful Flippers, Miss Kangaroo Excitable, Mr. Pencil Jumper, Mr. One Second Late, and last but not least, Mr. I'll-Go-Only-When-I-Know-Everyone-Else-is-Going.

This will be there coach, Mr. Flat-as-a-Pancake-Get-these-Gingers-off-of-Me.

This will be their team photo.  I guess Miss Excitable, Mr. Late, and Mr. Wait for Everyone Else won their races. 

Miss Flippers and Mr. Pencil don't look very happy.

 This is what it looks like when grown-ups have too much wine at 3 in the afternoon and ask the kids to take a picture.