Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Family Magic Trick

Every time we visit with Grandpa, the kids are treated to a magic show.  This is no ordinary magic show, this is one done by a professional, a master of slight of hand and mind power.  No, really.  Grandpa was an eye surgeon.  Oh, and he's brilliant. 

By some mysterious force, he can make a quarter magically disappear from the table, and using only HIS MIND, send the quarter across the room to a different location.

 He's been doing this same trick for years and the kids remain as curious as ever.....

Paige:     "I have an IQ of approximately 195.745.  Certainly I can deduce the flow of the fifth dimension as dictated by String Theory to precisely circumnavigate the laws of physics to determine the destined arrival coordinate of the Washington State quarter, Denver mint, 2007, once it has been mentally projected across time and space by this dastardly brilliant magician."

Phoebe:       "He wants my red hair.  He's always trying to steal it.  Maybe if I give it to him he'll tell me the secret.  But I like my red hair.  So, I will just sit here and look impossibly cute.  That always works."

Josh:           "Um?  That's strange.  Quarter was there.  Now gone.  How he do that?  Pokemon.  Chocolate.  Candy?  I don't understand....."

When the magic is complete, the quarter is located and the kids remain stumped.

A fun family tradition:  The true magic behind the trick.