Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Gingers and Wine

 Introducing the future, all-ginger, Irish swim team!

 Starring Miss Graceful Flippers, Miss Kangaroo Excitable, Mr. Pencil Jumper, Mr. One Second Late, and last but not least, Mr. I'll-Go-Only-When-I-Know-Everyone-Else-is-Going.

This will be there coach, Mr. Flat-as-a-Pancake-Get-these-Gingers-off-of-Me.

This will be their team photo.  I guess Miss Excitable, Mr. Late, and Mr. Wait for Everyone Else won their races. 

Miss Flippers and Mr. Pencil don't look very happy.

 This is what it looks like when grown-ups have too much wine at 3 in the afternoon and ask the kids to take a picture.