Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Debut Sea World Stage Show!

Ah, Sea World. Who doesn't love to see the amazing sea creatures up close? Witness the beauty and splendor of a graceful and elegant dolphin or sea lion as it catapults itself into the air? Gawk at the penguins, sting ray, and sharks?

After all of that eye feasting, there's always a good restaurant right around the corner to fill your bellies with bodily nourishment as well.

I've heard it somewhere that a popular Mexican restaurant chain serves a 900 calorie nacho salad bowl. Wow. That's a lot of calories for a salad.

Oh, well! I walked twelve miles around Sea World, held a sleeping fat baby in my arms for an hour, and lost ten pounds of sweat while riding a deathly scary roller coaster. I deserve a good nacho salad bowl!

Oh, look! There I am again!

On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have eaten the entire salad.

Does this nacho salad make me look fat?