Monday, May 21, 2012


People wonder why we need a Suburban. Why not a car or minivan that seats all five of you?  

Here is a quick summary of what we had in the back of our Suburban on Sunday:

-gas-powered generator
-Small garden container with chives, thyme, and one marigold
-assorted tools and power equipment
-one dissected fetal pig
-beach towels, sunscreen, and bug spray
-5 paintings and 2 packs of brushes
-a change of clothes for us all
-2 extension cords
-one dissected frog
-a notebook full of high school biology lab reports needing grading

All of that random assortment of crap was in the back. Add 7 humans in the seats and you've got yourself a mobile party!
Can a car/minivan do that?  
 I heart Suburbans.