Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beverage Barn

There is a type of store here in Texas that really blows my mind:  The drive-through beverage "barns".  What you do is:

1.  Drive into the barn, preferable in the correct direction, but hey, whatever.

2.  Stay in your car while the attendant comes to your window to take your "order".

3.  Watch the attendant pull from the refrigerators the items you have asked for.

4.  Scream out of your window when they reach for the red Mountain Dew instead of the green.

5.  Accept items you ordered when attendant hands them into your window.

6.  Pay attendant.

7.  Drive away with beverages, snacks, ice, batteries, and maybe a frozen Margarita in hand.

Now, if that is not awesome enough, the above beverage "barn" in a neighboring town takes it one step further.  Not only can you get you and yours fed and watered, but you can also provide for those you've left at home.  Like your cows, horses, chickens, dogs, and unruly children you've locked in the closet.

OK.  Maybe not THAT.

Attendant:  Howdy, Ma'am/Sir.  Can I help you? 

Customer:  Yes.  I would like a Diet Coke, a pack of peanuts, and a bottle of water.

Attendant:  Anything else?

Customer:  Yes.  Throw in a 40 pound bag of kibble, one sack of deer corn over there, 6 bags of ice, some sweet feed, and some ivermectin for the horses.  Just throw all that stuff in the back of the truck.  Much obliged.

Then you pay and go about your business knowing you have your Coke, the kids have their water or Big Red, and Bessie the Cow has some nice feed coming her way.

Country livin' at it's finest!