Saturday, March 29, 2014

Halloween 2013: Poison Apples and There's Waldo!

 Last year for Halloween, the kids dressed up at Ash, a Pokemon trainer, Misty, another Pokemon trainer (whatever the heck that means?), and Paige was Pippi Longstocking in her handmade costume.  

(Later, she won the costume contest!)  

We took the kids to the annual Halloween party down at the flight line on base.  There were the normal activities, such as a bouncy house, games, and face painting.  

There was also this blast from the past:  Bobbing for apples!

Due to the insane germ-a-phobic nature of modern society, I thought the days of bobbing for apples was long gone.  

 Paige, ever the daring adventurer, wanted to try this dental activity. 

There she is!  Chasing apple after apple with her mouth open in the water that had been in umpteen numbers of other mouths, and harboring countless numbers of germs and infectious agents.
Good job, Paige!  Keep trying!  

 Finally, she was able to grab one of the apple stems that had probably been inside the mouth of at least a dozen other people, including the hacking and green boogered toddler who tried before her. 

 Congratulations on probably contracting cholera or typhoid!

 Later, she told me that while she was bobbing for the germ apples, she was feeling a bit gross about the whole thing.  

Maybe some traditions are better off abandoned and quarantined and autoclaved

 Meanwhile, Phoebe was busy making Waldo want to go missing again after she beat the crap out of him with a bat.

Happy Halloween!