Sunday, June 23, 2013

Running in the Desert

Running in the desert can be tricky.  Somehow, there is a headwind from three directions.  I can't explain how.  It's a meteorological anomaly. 

This is what running looks like in the vast, open spaces of Del Rio:

1.  Running due west is fine.  No wind.  Your pace equally matches the tailwind.  Happy happy!

2.  Turn north or south, and there's the headwind.  It's powerful, but not enough to really mess up your pace.

3.  Turn east and BAM!!! 40 knot headwinds keeping you running almost in place.  Like a giant treadmill with ants and pricker bushes.  Even the dog can't handle it and starts drafting.

Tomorrow I'll assume it's different than is has been for the past three years and I'll tie on my shoes and go for another run.  

Come on, Georgia.  I need a drafting partner!!