Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where'd the Red Hair Come From?

 If I have heard it once, I've heard it a billion times:  "Where'd your kids get all of that red hair?"

Sometimes I smart aleck an answer with something like:
a.  The mailman 
b.  aisle four (hair color) at Walmart
c.  spontaneous generation (when I'm feeling very haughty)
d.  I don't know (when if fact I don't care)

So where did the red hair come from?

It came from genes, genetics, DNA.  A little bit of Viking, a smidgeon of German, a hint of Scottish, and a dollop of mutt.

See?  This is Jerry's sister.  She has mystery red hair, too, in the exact same shade and texture as my three red heads.  Isn't her hair just glorious?  I try not to be jealous, but wow.  Those are some pretty locks. 

So what do I usually answer with when someone asks where the red hair comes from?

e.  Their aunt has red hair.

Problem solved.