Sunday, July 25, 2010

About Time

Outside of our temporary lodging facility #5, there is this magnificent tree. You won't find pine trees in our desert, no sirree. Maybe a few other evergreens but no towering, pollen inducing pine trees. Hallelujah!

But there are oak trees. Mostly scrub oaks, but on base there are these gorgeous old growth oak trees they planted umpteen years ago. With their low limbs and amble shade, these are some of the only trees I still like.

I grew up climbing the trees outside our home in Upstate New York. My children have not had the opportunity to learn to climb trees yet. Our trees in Houston were mostly, eww, lob lolly pines. Not so great for climbing. Great for gauging out a roof during a hurricane but not for climbing.

But with enough encouragement and a good shove on the rump, the kids made it up into the tree.

First Josh,

...then Paige, (Yes, in a dress. My girl only wears dresses. She has the close inner thigh thing like me, so like me, shorts are usually incredibly uncomfortable.)...

...and finally Phoebe made it into the tree after screaming and crying for Jerry to put her up there too. (Phoebe has ZERO fear. Seriously.)

There they are! Standing in a tree!

Aren't they cute? All climbing a tree?

OK. They didn't climb the dang tree. Jerry pushed them into it while they held on with tentative little fingers. And then they stood in the tree while I ran in circles taking pictures.

You gotta start somewhere!

But after all of that hard climbing and picture snapping, look at the view you get when you turn around from the tree.

You see that line out there, past the trees as far as you can see? That my tree-trapped friends is the horizon. It's the point where you can't see any farther because the Earth turns down away from you ever so imperceptibly.

Look at it. Isn't it gorgeous?

Did I mention the clouds around here?

I'll save that for another day. Until then I'll keep collecting gorgeous pictures for you.

You're welcome!