Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Future Engineers of America

Have you ever not heard any noise and wondered what kind of trouble the kids are getting in to? Laughing, fighting, banging, and crashing = everything is OK. Quiet, silence, peace = something dreadful is taking place.

That happened to me the other day. There was no noise. Not a peep. I had to go investigate. Immediately!

Paige and Josh were outside with Jerry, and I found Phoebe here, sitting on the hard, and somewhat gross vinyl flooring.

"Hey, Phee. What are you doing baby?"

"Oh, you're playing with Lego's again. Very nice."

This girl loves Lego's. Paige and Josh started playing with the giant blocks when they were two years old, but no, not Phoebe. She jumped straight into playing with the small, regular sized Lego's.

I didn't know two year old's had that much manual dexterity.

But apparently Phoebe does.

She built this tower all by herself, at least the top crazy half (Paige is responsible for the symmetrical bottom portion). But she was able to click all of those pieces together and then attach it to Paige's creation to make her own giant tower!

And she doesn't really look like this in person at all, by the way.

After hearing my gushing praise and over-excited wonderment, she proceeded to do a little victory leg dance.

Rock on, girl!

"Yes, baby. I love your tower. I love your dance. And most of all, I love you."