Monday, July 19, 2010

Home at Last

Welcome to the desert!

A few days ago, we made the move to the Texas desert. Included on the adventure is Jerry, my husband, Paige the six year old, Josh who is four, and Phoebe, the baby, who just turned two. Oh, and a nine year old Great Dane named Belly and a beta fish in a milk jug named Puffy.

And me? I am a stay-at-home mother and wife, woman, friend, daughter, Aunt, lover, neighbor, writer, artist, and many, many other things. I started blogging exactly one year ago as an avenue to release some of my frustrations on unsuspecting readers, and as I suspect many other bloggers do, to connect to a community not easily found in today's society.

That's one of the reasons we decided to move back to the desert. Ten years ago, Jerry my Pilot, was stationed here in Del Rio for Air Force pilot training. We were fresh newlyweds with no children or obligations other than required by the Air Force. During the almost two years we lived on base here in Del Rio, we fell in love with the climate, the community, the local people, and the life.

For the following eight years we have lived in Shreveport, LA, home in Raleigh, NC, and up until last week, in Houston, TX. During that time we had our three kids and a very happy life. But we never felt at any of those other places that we were truly "home".

So, six months ago, when Jerry was contacted by one of the squadrons here at Laughlin AFB, in Del Rio, TX, offering him a four year full time Air Force training job, we, or at least I, literally jumped at the chance. Like up and down jumping.

"Hey, babe. They just offered me a T-38 instructor pilot slot at Laughlin. It's a four year active duty tour. Want to go?"

"YES!!!!!" I screamed instantly. No hesitation. No doubt.

And so, long story short, here we are in the desert again.

This blog is still an outlet for me to connect to others both near and far, and I plan on expanding my focus to include photography of a landscape that gets a bad rap, homeschooling for parents in the middle of nowhere, and art featuring the beauty here in the desert.

Thanks for reading and going on this adventure with me.

These are The Desert Chronicles.