Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Makeup in My Eye!

When Grandma came for a visit a few months ago, Phoebe wanted to have a make-over. This three year LOVES to wear make up, dress up in a gorgeous outfit, and brush her hair. Her goal in life is to become a princess when she grows up.

Good luck with that.

For the makeover, Paige, Josh, and Grandma all came together to make Phoebe all fancified.

Josh is good at putting on make up, except for lipstick. But don't tell anyone.

What do you think you're going to do with that mascara wand, Grandma?

Beautiful!! Just gorgeous! Josh must have done your lipstick, though.

Paige wanted to go next.

Josh and Phoebe gently attacked her face with various cotton products.

Then Josh went in to apply some eyeshadow.

Paige has never liked makeup, or anything, near her eyes. Even when she was a little girl and had her own makeup kit, she never used eyeshadow.

This should be interesting....

Here is Paige trying hard not to freak out about the eyeshadow.

Here is Paige mid-freak-out about the eyeshadow.

Here is Paige ruining one of my towels trying to remove the eyeshadow.

Well, at least we won't have to worry about her wearing too much makeup when she gets older!