Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why a Four Wheeler?

Question:   What is the purpose of a four wheeler, anyway? 

 Answer:  To go for a ride with your aunt (who has red hair, so SHE is where the red hair comes from, people!)
 Answer:  To cuddle on with your mom (who is sporting awesome Santa socks, by the way).

 Answer:  To go for a cruise around the farm, saying hello to the trees, bees, horse poop, and name rocks.
 Answer:  As a consequence of this farm cruise, the dog has now been exercised.  Bonus! 
 Answer:  To go for a ride with Dad who is holding on for dear life.  (Cousin and Uncle demonstrate this use.)
 Answer:  To learn how to shift gears, use a thumb throttle, and the difference between rear and front brakes. 

Answer:  As a stable mount for target practice in case of zombie invasion, apocalypse, or gun control enforcement. 
Answer:  Enjoying life with family and friends, out in the sun, surrounded by nature and God's creation.  (And a good excuse for Jerry to wear this flannel shirt.  If the Bahamas thing doesn't pan out, we WILL buy a farm with land and horses and four wheelers, only so Jerry will go full-up cowboy.  Hubba hubba hubby!)

Conclusion:  Four wheelers are for life, liberty, and the pursuit of booty happiness.