Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Christmas Chickens

For first time in many years, we spent Christmas with extended family in North Carolina.  We stayed a few days with the Fosters in Raleigh, a few days with the Wagstaffs in Apex, and a few days with the Reynolds at their farm in Cedar Grove.  

During the farm visit, we went to the barn to see the chickens.  And loud-mouthed roosters, too.

Most of the roosters were quite smaller than the hens, but they had style.  And class.

This rooster had too much swag.  

"Look at how my waddle waddles.  I'm swag-tastic!"

Josh enjoyed chasing the chickens, making them cluck and screech.  Eventually he would catch one and carry it lovingly around the barnyard, despite his maniacal behavior in actually capturing it.

Phoebe had no problem at all catching this chicken.  It practically walked into her arms.  I thought it was her popular personality, but when she finished rubbing her face all over the back of it, I discovered this particular chicken was missing most of it's back feathers and looked sick and dying.

After this picture was taken, Phoebe got a face full of cleaner, a bath, and an exorcism.

No reason to take chances with chickens!