Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloweens of the Past

Every child has a Halloween history. Here is ours:

Paige was born in November so she celebrated her first Halloween right before turning one year old. This was the hottest Halloween night on record in NC where we were living, and this costume was made of polyester. She wore it for 6.2 seconds and got hyperthermia.

For her second Halloween, her baby brother had just been born a few weeks earlier so Paige was going solo. But then a wicked storm came through on Halloween night despite having been in a three month dry spell. We improvised and Paige went trick-or-treating through our house as I ran from room to room so she could knock on each door to receive some goodies. She didn't know the difference and we got to keep all of our good candy.

Josh had just turned one and was still a huge beast so we went with the Texas popular football player and cheerleader costumes. We had just moved to Texas from Shreveport so we thought football was a good theme. Oh, and we already had the clothes. The end.

2007 marked the year of the Disney Princess, when all the little girls on our street dressed up as one princess or another. So naturally, Josh went as Superman to keep them all safe. He succeeded.

The following year, with Josh 4 and Paige almost 6, Paige went as a Disney Princess, again, while Josh was determined to go as a wasp. Well, sorry buddy, but Wal-Mart was fresh out of wasp costumes so he got to be a spider instead.

Phoebe was around somewhere, too young to participate. I'm a cheap party pooper. If they have to stay in a stroller the whole time, they don't get any loot. Or a costume.

Here is Phoebe's Halloween debut! She was a year and a half old and dressed rootin' tootin' cute in a pink cowgirl outfit. Paige and Josh, having never even seen one before on TV or otherwise, decided to both be Power Rangers. I don't even know how they knew about Power Rangers. That, my friends, is one show I simply cannot handle watching. Too much bad acting, Hi-yah-ing, and weird characters.

And last year. Ah, last year. We were living in a tiny apartment in San Antonio for a few months. Somehow, apartment living is just not very enticing to go trick-or-treating. But Paige went on with the show and was an angel while Josh went the other direction and went as Death.

Nice, I know.

And Phoebe? She could never decide on a costume at the store so she was happy to go as her Aunt Mimi in one her Mandy's old leotards. They made quite a show.

And what about Belly? She won second place in the best dressed dog contest. She's a winner!