Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jerry Fixing a Car

Once upon a time, Jerry had an old Datsun 240 Z. That's a car, by the way, for those of us not in the know. Or in the care.

It was a 1972, or something, and he bought it from his brother when he was a teen. By the time he was out of high school, Jerry had completely rebuilt, re-painted, and re-everything-ed his Z-car. All by himself.

To say the least, he is quite a genius when it comes to fixing car engines, transmissions, and carburetors. Whatever those are.

He used to work on navel-high workbenches, full of tools, equipment, spotlights, and space.

Now, his workbench is a Little Red Wagon. A little red Radio Flyer.

I wonder what an 18 year old Jerry would have said if you were to tell him that one day he would repair car parts while sitting on a plastic patio chair, working from within the wagon of Radio Flyer.

I guarantee you that I would not be able to write in this blog the swear words he would have said hearing that bit of prophesy. This is a family blog, after all.

He had quite a sailor's vocabulary back then.

But I bet he would never have pictured himself sitting side-by-side with his son, teaching him how to fix cars, and spending quality time together getting grease beneath their fingernails.

Some things just have to be learned through experience.

It seems Josh is well on his way to becoming a grade A mechanic.

Or plumber!