Friday, October 28, 2011

We Got a Cat

We have a cat. Kind of.

Ever since we moved in about 7 months ago, we've seen an orange tabby cat creeping around our house and the houses around us. I assumed it was a neighbors indoor/outdoor cat. But then after asking around, I realized that the cat was a stray and had adopted us.

More like adopted our trash cans.

We keep our trash and recycling cans in a specially built enclosure on the side of our house. One day while moving the trash can, I was startled by the tabby hiding behind two extra trash cans we don't use.

I squatted down to get a closer look and....

...BING! Off she went, carreening away into our neighbors tree, and then probably to go hide behind one of our neighbors trash cans. She gets around.

I've seen her a dozen more times, but each time she's alluded my camera. She's one fast kitty!

Finally, after a month of squatting down and speaking nicely to her, she posed for a picture.

Hello, kitty. Nice to see you. Eaten any good rodents lately? Keep up the good work!

Two days ago I found a dead squirrel back there in her hiding spot. Still in her mouth upon further observation. She got spooked and ran away, but I left her the squirrel to come back for. Hey, a cats gotta eat and I ain't feedin' her.

By the next morning the only part of the squirrel that was left was the tail. In FRONT of the trash cans.

I think it was a present to me.

Thanks, kitty.