Thursday, October 6, 2011

Writing in the Sky

A few weeks ago, I went to Florida to attend the memorial service for my grandfather who passed away. I haven't seen my grandparents in years, or my aunts and uncles or cousins for that matter, so even though it was under stressed situations, it was a nice visit.

After we came out of the memorial service and were piling in our cars to head home, something odd in the sky caught our attention. Up in the Florida blue was a small plane steadily churning out letters as it wrote a message in the sky.

I do not have pictures of the first few words, but they spelled out:


Now, we were all quite emotionally charged, and when the plane started writing the next word, I would not have been surprised if the next word would have been "Mary", for my grandmother.

We were all shocked, thrilled, and somehow relieved to see this most awesome example of evangelizing high up in the sky. Of course we knew the message was for the entire population of Lakeland, but somehow it seemed more directed at us.

As we finally tore our eyes away and drove home, we could see the sky writing continue in patches of blue between the towering trees and Spanish moss.

When we got to my grandmothers house, the words were directly over us, along the entire length of her street completely unobstructed.

And the words of Christ kept right on coming:



Yes, Mr. Pilot-in-the-Sky. Jesus does love, Jesus does "4 give", Jesus is God, and God is ☺.

After seeing this message, we all were in better spirits, less distressed, and more able to cope. Grandma took it as a sign that all would be alright without Grandpa. And we took it as a sign that she would be alright without Grandpa.

We were all a little bit more ☺.