Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bahamas Wrap Up

Thank you for joining me as I tripped down memory lane to our favorite vacation spot, land where my heart lives, and future home, of Eleuthera, The Bahamas.

I can feel you're done with it now, so I will make this the last beach post.

I will never be done with it. I'm just sayin'.

Here are a few random photos from our other adventures there. Just know you're missing out on seeing The Queen's Baths, Preacher's Cave, the banyan tree, The Cay House, Ben Bay, Captain Jack's, and many, many more places and things.

I guess you'll be OK.

I will never be the same again.

On that note, enjoy!

Phoebe's first swim was in the warm, Caribbean waters.

Spanish Wells (largest exporter of Rock lobsters.)

Golf cart on Harbour Island.

Snorkeling in the protected cove of Ben Bay beach.

Paige's favorite baby sand dollars.

Bath time!

Lunch time! (No, don't eat my nose!)

Best friends. Actually sitting down, sitting still. On purpose.

We love it here, too! say Mandy and Wag!

(In case you're wondering, Mandy is Jerry's younger sister and my BFF. How lucky am I? Oh, and that's Wag, Mandy's husband. He's awesome, too, and does a wicked gorilla-man impression! If you need a good couple to retreat with, these two are the BEST!!)

Thanks for visiting! We love you!