Friday, December 10, 2010

Ultimate Fighting Children

What do your kids do when it's raining outside and everyone is cooped up with too much energy?

Do they play hide-and-seek? Watch movies, do exercise videos, or get in trouble and go to their rooms for an hour?

Yes, ours do all of that, too.

But on that special and rare occasion, the kids will set up a(nother) show for us where we get to watch them wrestle, UFC style!

(Mom, UFC is Ultimate Fighting Championship. You know, the boxing/wrestling/martial arts fighting on TV where the men beat the heck out of each other, slinging blood and fluids all over the mat while trying to kill each other in a cage. Very cosmopolitan.)

Watch out Josh! Paige has thighs like me and will CRUSH YOU INTO SMITHEREENS!



Nice move! SCORE!!

(Paige and Josh made their own score cards that they marked any time they thought they earned a point. Children should never judge themselves. Ever.)

Uh, oh. Paige has recovered from her takedown, Belly is trying her hardest to melt into the carpet, and Jerry is officially bored.

But the game has just begun..........