Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to Play Frisbee Golf

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Near our apartment complex is a disc golf course. You know, where you have to throw a Frisbee down the green to get it into this metal cage thingie that is the "hole"?

All of those hardcore players have bags full of discs of all sizes and weights. A putter, a driver, and other disc things I know nothing about.

One afternoon while Phoebe was napping and I was typing or painting, Jerry took the kids to play Frisbee golf. I thought that would make for a good post so I asked him to take the camera with him to snap some pictures of the kids playing disc golf.

This is what he came back with:

Look at the concentration on Josh's face as he strives for the goal. Paige seems impatient as she waits for her turn on the course.

(Oh, wait, that's right! This isn't golf, is dinosaur riding.)

Josh and Paige are very excited to get to the next "hole". Look at them running in excitement!

(Oh, wait. Not golf but the kids running on a bridge at the playground.)

Still running,

(still no golf.)

More running. Wow. They must really love this Frisbee golf thing!

(Still no golf. Where's are the dang golf pictures?)

What a great way to spend the afternoon with your father!

(Great pictures, Jerry. Thanks for documenting the Frisbee golf. NOT!)

I owe you one.