Thursday, December 9, 2010

Canyon Lake

Just north of our apartment is Canyon Lake, a beautiful lake in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. All along the lake are houses, marinas, parks, and recreational activities.

Randolph Air Force Base has a private recreation area on the lake. We are "Authorized Military Personnel". We are allowed to use this facility but not everyone is.

We may not be able to make it home for the holidays but we have private parks to enjoy and get away from the crowds and high costs, all paid for with your Federal Tax dollars.


The lake is very beautiful and windy! There were sailboats dotting the calm waters, and as Jerry says, "All those regatta-polo-shirt-wearing-yuppies". Except he didn't say yuppie.

There are picnic spots, walking trails, and a marina for military use only, including daily boat rentals.

There is an awesome playground at the recreation area, too, and it has this cool swing, pendulum thing. Jerry and I rode it together. He really enjoyed making me fly up into the air and almost crashing on the ground.

No, that's not what he enjoyed.

Have you ever paid attention to your breasts while bouncing vigorously up and down?

Your husband has.

Sorry. Too much?

Also at the park was this stand up swing that the kids liked to sit down on. The phrase "monkey on a football" comes to mind.

The park also had some interactives.

And Uranus, in case you're looking for it.

"Hey, Paula! Look! I found Uranus!"

"Thanks, douche. I didn't know I'd lost it!"

(Do Uranus jokes ever get old?)

There was a little sand beach there too, and the kids had tons of fun wading in the chilly water, throwing rocks, and looking for freshwater clam shells.

I remembered to bring towels for the kids in case they got wet while near the lake.

But I forgot to bring extra clothes. Phoebe had to ride home in her birthday suit.

Hey, babe! How's this weather for the end of November?

Dora? What are you doing here?

Phoebe freaked OUT when she saw this life-sized Dora cutout. Then she went and kissed each character directly on the mouth.

And my camera battery went dead.

Probably better that I didn't get on film her shenanigans with Benny.

Boom-chicka-bow wow!