Saturday, December 24, 2011

Santa on Final Approach

Cool! Look at that T-38 coming our way! Those things sure are awesome! (And loud!)

Who's that inside the jet? Someone wearing red?

Hey look, kids! It's Santa Clause! (Dude, what happened to the reindeer and sleigh? Yes, you're right. This is much more awesome.)

Santa! Watch out! You've got incoming! Children at your 8 o'clock, moving in fast!!!!

Oh, my. You're fat. How in the world did you fit into that cockpit?

Watch out, you're in the midst of Christmas-crazed children!

Whatcha got in that sack of yours, Santa?

Candy canes! Yummy! As you can see, Santa, my boy, the redhead in the black vest, is front and center in the candy-receiving line.

He's my Candy Man.

Phoebe must be in there somewhere, and there's patient Paige waiting for her turn.

Nice score, Josh! Yes you may eat it now.

What? You were "like" the last one to get a candy cane? Thanks for being patient. You are wonderful.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May your Santa land more quietly than a T-38!!!