Friday, December 23, 2011

Just Another Barrel Ride

Another farm-tastic activity at the Hondo corn maze farm was a little barrel wagon ride. While Josh was shooting corn cobs out of a cannon over their with the men folk, the girls headed over to the wagon ride.

"Who are we supposed to give this token to?"

Give it to the lady as she comes by.

Phoebe, give it to her. It's OK, she's supposed to take it. Give it to her. GIVE. IT. TO. HER.

Thank you.

"Where's Josh? Still shooting corn?"

I guess. Or else he's lost in the corn maze again. You know how he tends to wander.....

"Don't remind me. I'm the oldest. I'm always the one to have to go and find him."

("I wonder if space is four dimensional. And if so, how does compactification work? Is string theory even plausible? If so, is a 10-dimensional perturbation expansion reasonable for an 11-dimensional theory?")

Paige, what are you thinking about?

" know....nothing much."

There they go! It's a good thing the spray truck went ahead of them to spray down the dust. It's mighty dry around here.

I hope they're having fun. Paige seemed a bit pensive. I wonder what was on her mind?

("Are there any other strings than the D=10(11) and 26 ones? What about black holes, do they exist? Maybe I'll draw Stephen Hawking a picture. I wonder if he likes ponies?")