Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lost in the Maze

Down the road a bit, on the way to the big city, there is a small town called Hondo. On the eastern side of town, right on the highway, is a farm that hosts yearly family fall activities. There is a hayride, corn cob shooting, a pumpkin patch, kettle corn and turkey legs, Texas-sized slides, photo opportunities, an in-ground bouncing thing, and best of all, a corn maze.

Jerry's parents were in town for a visit so we decided to take these farm owners to a farm for a change of scenery. They are good sports.

Every year the maze is regrown out of hay grazer, not corn, and after the initial sprouting the maze design is cut into the seven acre field. You can click here to see this year's design. (There was a lady behind me who asked what kind of plant this was. I told her it wasn't corn, but some kind of drought resistant grass. She said, "Hmm. I don't think so. This isn't corn or grass, but certainly maize." Maize=corn. She had obviously been wandering around lost and dehydrated in the maze for many hours.)

Before entering the maze you can pick up these sheets of paper that have a quiz on them. Answer the questions correctly and the answers will tell you the fastest way to get through the maze.

We began OK, but it didn't take long before we started losing some of our party....

The first to go was Paige. Paige!!! Where are you?

Phoebe? Where are you Phoebe? This isn't funny!

Jim? Where did you go? Hello?

Oh, good! You found Phoebe, Linda. But where did Josh go?

Jerry, I'm scared. First Paige, then Jim, then Phoebe and Josh, and now your mom is gone! What are we going to do?


Hello? Where did everybody go?

I'm scared!