Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monkey Climbing

Sledding, no, scooting down a sand dune, or flying through the air down one is fun. But then there's the problem of getting back up the thing.

From the bottom of the dune it seems like a long way up.

The sand looks quite firm, like it wouldn't be too hard of a challenge to walk on it.

You would be mistaken. Depending on your weight, with each step you sink ankle to calf deep into the sand.

I'm not telling you how deep my feet sank.

All I can say is that our kids got not only their weekly allowance of Vitamin D, but also enough exercise to last them a week.

Keep going, Paige! You're almost to the top!

Phew! You made it! Nice work!

Phoebe was able to climb the dunes using the hand over hand monkey climb technique. Because she it a monkey.

But she tuckered out pretty quickly so Mr. Macho Dad had to come to the rescue. Hold tight everybody while Dad pulls you up the dune!

Phoebe fail.

Now get up, Monkey. You can do it!