Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Behind the Scenes

The family photos that I posted the other day were taken by a photographer named Maria. Here website is Scrappy Doodles Photography. She spent the entire day photographing families in front of the T-38 and huge-normous American flag. It must have been a very long day, but we are so thrilled she did it for us!

Our photo shoot was scheduled for 3:45 pm so we all got on our fancy Christmas clothes and headed to the flight line to find the right hanger.

The girls wore Christmas dressed that Jerry's mom made. They are fantastically well done.

Jerry wore his flight suit. It's like a big, green, zippered pouch. It's loose and comfy. I wore a too tight tunic with black tights and kind of hoochy knee-high, spike-heeled black boots. I didn't mean to look so slutty provocative but my closet is pretty empty. I'm not much of a shopper (for myself at least!). My belly was kind of flat but my booty looked quite bubble-licious. Oh, well. Three kids and lack of willpower will do that to you!

Josh didn't have a Christmas shirt so he wore a green frog shirt his grandma made him. He looked dashing. I tried kissing him with his frog shirt but he was already a prince!

Here's the flight line with the T-6 trainers parked for the weekend.

Come on, slow poke! I know you're wearing long sleeves and it's 85 degrees out here, but whatever! Get a move on!

We found the right hanger and there she was, the beautifully prepped T-38. That's what Jerry flies for a living. The big, fat, lucky duck. No, he's not fat, but rest is true enough.

There were a few other families there either helping Maria or on the way out after their photo shoot. The kids had a great time playing fetch with a chuck-it and tennis ball thrown inside the cavernous hanger. The floor was very slick so I had not fun walking very slowly and trying not to fall in my ridiculous boots.

After the photo shoot, that lasted all of five minutes, we headed home. The kids hung up their fancy clothes and put their Target sales rack items back on. I took off my make up, hung up my dress, put the stupid boots back into their box, and put back on my yoga pants.

Sometimes it's OK to be all dressed up with nowhere to go. Home is an awesome place.

It's where my yoga pants live.