Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday Boy

Five year ago plus a few weeks I was one huge pregnant lump. Have you ever seen a pregnant belly so protruding like that when it was only a single baby in there?

60 pounds people. I gained 60 pounds.

Then I gave birth to this toddler. Ten pounds, eleven ounces of per, raw, pink, handsome, awesome little man.

He stole my heart instantly. Then sprained my pelvis. But I still loved him.

He was a great baby. Not fussy, a great sleeper, and good to go. We all loved him tremendously.

How could you NOT love that face? Like Tom Selleck with his single cheek dimple.

YOU WILL LOVE ME!!! And we did.

(Picture courtesy of Mimi.)

There it is! There's the dimple! (And some chewed up apple bits, too. Sorry about that.)

Ach. My heart hurts remembering how sweet he was. And my pelvis hurts a bit, too.

His love of airplanes started early. His first flight was at only 6 weeks old. (Not here, obviously.)

Josh did "the lips", sticking them out and to the side while making snorting sounds.

He didn't talk until three years old. Until then he yodeled and pointed to get what he wanted.

Oh, and he did. He was spoilt rotten!

(Photo courtesy of Patti Brown Photography)

He's always loved blue like any boy should.

He's always been very good with change, travel, fun, and dirt. Sand took awhile longer as did crashing waves. To wash his hands off he's rather be patient and wait for a wave to reach him rather than go up to the churning surf.

People have always been drawn to Josh. Maybe it's his dashing good looks, sweet personality, or warm heart.

This young Obama look-a-like had fun playing with Josh while we visited The Bahamas.

(This boy, 18 years old, looked EXACTLY like Obama. Fa-reak-eee.)

Josh discovered the pleasures of a good head rub from a pretty girl at the tender age of three. "A" and Josh were often seen playing together. Notice the pine cone hairbrush she was using. He was in heaven!

Then one day, he woke up, came out to the living room and somehow he had grown up. He was all big and manly and mature looking.

What happened?

And now here he is, though I guess going by his shirt you can't see him. He turned 5 yesterday.




Oh, lordy. Time is going so fast! He's still my great boy, wonderful little man, dude of my heart.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) my baby boy. I love you more than the world!

(And my pelvis feels fine, thank you.)