Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween of Yore

During this time of year, it's kind of hard to miss the fact that Halloween is just around the corner. I don't know about your neck of the woods, but here in San Antonio, and for sure in my mom's neighborhood of "The Land of the Disposable Income", people are decking the halls with Halloween decorations like never before.

Spooky spider webs, colorful orange/purple lights, skulls, skeletons, and pumpkins abound. And that's just what I have put up! (I'm a sucker for colored lights on a string.)

Before the big night this year, or in our case three big nights (apartment party Friday night, Zoo Boo Saturday night, and Sunday the real deal), I thought it would be fun to take a trip down spooky memory lane to see what the kids have dressed up as in years gone by.

This is Paige, just before turning one. She was born seven days late, missing what would have been the BEST day to have a birthday. Guaranteed party every birthday!

I remember we were visiting my mom that year and it was unseasonably hot. Poor Paige lasted six seconds in this hot, hot, hot velour flower costume.

Here's Paige at 2 years old. Wasn't she a beautiful angel? We went three weeks without rain that year, only to have a tropical storm blow through on Halloween night. So instead of taking her around the neighborhood, we let her trick-or-treat in our house, knocking on closed bedroom doors and getting her bag filled by Dad or me.

Josh was 3 weeks old at this point. His costume was spit-up and drool.

As was mine.

When Josh was one and Paige three, I matchy-matched them as cheerleader and football player. Hey, what can I say? We'd just moved to Texas where football and cheerleading are infectious agents circling the air. I guess I got infected!

Josh 2, Paige 4, and we have Cinderella and Superman. Paige was just one of three Cinderellas on our street that year, and one of 6 princesses. She looks thrilled, doesn't she?

Did I mention we had 5 four year old little girls all living within five houses of us? Lots and lots of squealing. Poor boy.

At three, Josh wanted to be a wasp, for reasons I never figured out, but after giving up trying to find/make a wasp costume he had to settle for being a spider. Paige was Ariel. Another princess. A princess with short hair after my first attempt at a home haircut was severely unsuccessful.

At 4 and 6, the kids decided to be Power Rangers. Where they came up with that I don't know because they had never even seen or heard of the Power Rangers. But they Kung fu'd it all over the place, keeping us safe from the evil whatever-their-calleds!

Phoebe had no choice in the matter so she was a darling pink cowgirl.

How ya like my air freshener? I am a PRO photographer! Phew!

Hey! Where'd that come from!? Some sexy flight attendant and Greg Brady!

Take off!