Thursday, October 14, 2010


Still alone.

All alone.

How am I doing this? What happened to my husband, my children?

Simple: I ran away from home.


Not really.

I merely took the kids to NC so I could help out my mom and sister, leaving Jerry back in San Antonio so he can go to work. Eww.

Once we got to NC, Jerry's parents, God bless them!, asked to keep the kids overnight for a few nights. Just because!! And my parents left for their trip so now I am alone.

All alone.

And still not lonely!

Mind you, I do miss the kids and Jerry. Some. I felt a little lost for first few hours but soon got over it.

I haven't been alone, all alone, overnight since I was pregnant with Paige and Jerry deployed for a few months. Since then I have been either with the kids, Jerry, or all of them.

Not tonight!


Time to put on my worn out yoga pants, turn on some stupidly funny TV show, and go to bed late, like, 9:30!!

I like being alone.

For now.