Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Go Ape!

For Josh's birthday we headed back to the San Antonio Zoo. It's one of those places where you can find all of your favorite animals, a nice lunch, and happiness.

While there, we came across this strange new breed of primate I dubbed; Homo Strabismus:

Here's the alpha male of the Homo species. Notice the facial hair and broad jawline. He must have a good groomer, notice the lack of the typical uni-brow.

Now here is the alpha female of the pack. Notice the lack of facial hair and the application of primitive make-up. She is obviously enjoying the effects of the "de-noise" adjustment on the photography software, notice the lack of uneven skin and decreased prominence of wrinkles.

Next we have the oldest of the female offspring. She is adorned in a headdress of the same sort as the father. Must be genetic.

Here is the only male offspring to the alpha couple. Again, he is exhibiting the dominance of the alpha males genes with the headgear. There seems to be some spotting across his countenance, perhaps similar to how a doe is spotted in order to better hide from predators in the tall grasses.

I've seen this young one run. Good luck Mr. Predator.

This is the youngest of this strange, pale new ape species. She too has the tell-tale adolescent facial markings, and evidently she enjoys her morning meal. She must be more genetically similar to the alpha female with the absence of any head gear.

We enjoyed studying this strange yet stunningly attractive new primate species at the zoo this weekend.

Stay tuned. Next time live from the zoo, a Hollywood legend comes to life!!!