Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Devil's Allowed

By now you must know that Paige is crafty. If she's around no marker, piece of paper, pair of scissors, or roll of tape is safe.

While visiting Gaga last week, she put her talent to good use, saving us from eternal damnation:

On every exterior door of the house, she had drawn a nifty little safety sign, keeping us all safe from evil influence.

Here's a closer look...

...and closer.

Looks kinda like Obama, doesn't it?

(OK. I'm sorry. He's not THAT bad!)

Here's another sign on the door to the garage apartment where we stayed. Phew! We're safe there, too!

Another sign. NO DEVILS!

Jeez, I didn't know we were under immediate devil attack!

Oh, no! What's this? An unprotected door?


Oh, no, it's just Bandit. He may be one hell of a Boston terrier but he ain't no devil.

Except when he farts. Straight out of the bowels of hell, I tell ya.

Now if only Paige would make NO BANDIT FARTS signs we'd be good to go!

Happy Halloween, ya'll. I hope you have a lot of fun trick-or-treating or doing whatever you're going to do.

And I hope all devils leave you alone.

Now and forever!