Saturday, September 17, 2011


I've discovered the mystery as to why Native Americans put feathers in their hair. You know how they all had long hair, including the men? (Maybe not ALL, but in our stereotypical, Native American prototype, they all had long hair.)

Well, they had long hair but nothing to put it up with. No elastics, no scrunchies, no ribbons. Just feathers!

Phoebe's hair falls directly into her face if it is not pulled up. And when she's eating a honey-gooed biscuit for breakfast, her hair MUST be up. But I was in a hurry and couldn't find an elastic. Looking around I found a large feather on the ground.

Twist, tuck, stuff, and pull and VIOLA! a pretty good little bun held in place with a vulture feather!

"Feathering" is all the rage anyway. This is "feathering" to the extreme!

What do you think of your new "do" Phoebe?

Yes. Just lovely.