Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Nap in Paradise

Life on the island is pretty laid back. There's not much to do except spend all day on one beautiful beach or another. But this past winter while we were at Eleuthera, Phoebe was still only 2½ years old. 2½ year olds need naps.

Two years ago when we spent three weeks on the island and Phoebe was only 6 months old, I perfected how to get her to sleep while on the beach. I would hold her in a half-cradle-half-football hold and walk her until she fell asleep. Those were nice moments for me.

When she would fall asleep I would gently lay her down in a port-a-crib we would have set up, all the while holding my breath and praying she would stay asleep. Most days it worked like a charm.

This past trip I was concerned how, or if, she would fall asleep with so much action around her on the beach.

But the first time I "walked" her to sleep, she was hooked! Every day after that, when she would get tired and ask for a nap, and not ONE SECOND earlier, I would hold and walk her until she fell asleep.

Two years ago she weighed about 18 pounds. This trip she weighed 34 pounds.

After walking her to sleep and laying her down on her pre-made bed, I was free to enjoy the quiet time myself.

But not before ensuring she was fully covered from the sun and still had a good "air hole" so she wouldn't have to breath in all of her own hot breath.

Jerry would tease me about the pains I took to create the perfect air pocket for her. But he wouldn't understand. That is something a mother does.

This is me struggling to carry her away from a nap up an incredibly steep hill. Here, Jerry was really pushing me up the hill because either my arms or legs were about to give out. (Why didn't he carry her you may wonder? When he tried carrying her, she would never fall asleep. He doesn't have hips and thus no sway to his walk. He swaggers. Think George W.)

Sometimes she would fall asleep covered with sand at the beach, sleep on the drive back home, and stay asleep after the transfer to her blowup bed. The sun, sand, and surf really wore her out!

Here's another day, another nap. She has napped in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Morning, Phee!! How was your nap? Ready for round 2?

Let's GO!