Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fishing at the Golf Course

One fine morning this summer, the golf course opened it's doors? gates? greens? and allowed the children to fish in the heavily stocked pond.

We loaded up our fishing poles, tackle boxes, fish sock*, and water bottles and took the long walk over to the base golf course. We sure were tuckered out after walking 25 yards over to the greens! Phew!

*Fish sock - a sock you wear on your hand while holding a fish so you don't have to touch the fish directly. Fish are slimy, pokey, and smelly. Socks are abundant, often without mates, and conveniently available on your feet in case you forget to bring one along on a fishing trip.

Phoebe caught a few little fish with her princess fishing pole. Do princesses fish? According to Disney they do.

Paige also caught quite a few fish. She was using a new adult-sized pole as she is now officially too "old" for princesses or "baby" fishing poles.

Do babies go fishing? According to Paige they do.

As this day was in fact a fishing derby, there were prizes awarded for the most number of fish caught and for the largest fish, per age group. Paige's bass was the biggest we had so Jerry set off to have it weighed and entered into judging. We are a competitive bunch.

(I love Paige's expression in this photo. I'm sure she's fussing at Jerry saying something like, "Dad! Wait! I want to pet/sketch/hug/coddle/poke/love my fish to pieces!" He was not deterred.)

(We didn't win by the way. Some dufus had a fish almost a full pound bigger than ours. The dork.)

Do large mouth bass really have large mouths? According to this photo they do.

And what about Josh? According to this photo he has his daddy's fishing skills.

Keep trying buddy, and one day you'll catch something bigger than bait!

Fish on!