Thursday, September 15, 2011

Phoebe in the Sun

Ooh, girl. Don't you look stunning in the late afternoon sun! You're hair is like fire, your eyes like sapphires!

Let me take your picture. Say "honey"!

No? You won't say "honey"? You won't smile for a picture? Not even one measly little itty bitty smile?

Alright now, missy. You can just put that nasty face back where it came from. All I wanted was one teensy weensy smile.

Is it that hard to smile? Just once? Please?

You know I won't give up until I get a smile. You are stubborn but I am MAMA stubborn so I will win.

Oh, there it is! What a pretty smile! (That I will later realize has been overexposed! Drat!)

Yes, you're done. Go back and finish watching soccer practice, Mrs. Pouty Von Pouterson.

Get used to it, girl. You're too cute to stay out of the spotlight for long!