Thursday, September 1, 2011


Sunday mornings have a new appeal to me. The Sunday newspaper! I recently subscribed to the San Antonio newspaper, Sunday edition, so I could get my hands on some coupons.

I'm a coupon clipping fool! On most shopping trips I've been saving $10-$12 and that's buying only the things I really need! (I've even scored some free items by using some not-so secret extreme couponing tricks. I now have 12 packs of dental floss and Ivory soap that I didn't pay for, nor steal. Need any?)

I grew up reading the comics on Sunday mornings. Paige has become a huge fan of the comic strips, too. She and I can't wait for Sunday mornings. She for the comics, me for the coupons.

We are a lively bunch, I tell ya. Sooo, uber cool.

Sometimes I'll even read an article or two. But that's about all of the news I can handle. Life really is pretty sweet and after reading the paper too much life starts to sound really sucky.

I wonder if I can get a subscription of just the comics and coupons? They can keep the rest and save a few trees.

Happy couponing!