Friday, August 13, 2010

Funky Bowl

Mondays are bowling days here in our little corner of the world. Even though the bowling alley on base is open throughout the week, only on Mondays is it Dollar Daze. $1 shoe rentals, $1 per person per game, $1 small soft drinks, hot dogs, french fries, and hamburgers.

If you don't know how much it costs to go bowling at full price you would be shocked. SHOCKED I tell you!

But not on Mondays!

We all love to bowl. Well, not Jerry but he's an-anti dork so he doesn't count. The kids and I however all embrace our dorkiness and therefore enjoy the sport thoroughly.

Especially Josh. He's just developing his latent level of dorkiness. We'll have to watch and see....

When we bowl, girls go first. Girls always go first in our house. If we follow other patriarchal societal rules in this life ladies, we may as well get to go first, too.

Woa. Sorry. Got a little extra dorky for a second. I'll get back to bowling....

Even though Paige will be seven in a few months, she still insists on bowling like this. It's just awful. She also insists on bowling in skirts or dresses. Again, awful.

She doesn't know it yet but this coming Monday she's going to learn how to roll the ball properly. (Can you buy bowling lane damage waivers for accidental child-induced mid-lane craters? Probably not.)

If this is not the most lady-like position in the whole world, I don't know what is.

Yes. Very attractive.

It may be ugly, but it gets the job done! Good one Paige! Right down the middle!

Going 4 mph.

You've got to roll it faster!

Great job! A 7/3 split!! Good luck with that!

Sometime after one of Paige's turns and before Josh's, the bowling alley went funky. Black lights, flashy LED's, and 80's music bumping in the background. Mind you, it was 2pm.

Bow chicka bow wow!

Josh's turn!

No, Rufus' turn!

You know how you enter your name and it magically appears on the screen above you for all of the place to see? Well, we decided to go with funky, cool names for fun. Two weeks ago we were Princess, Prince, and Queen. I loved being royalty!

Last week we were Bird, Rufus, and Squeak.

I've got to come up with one for this coming Monday. I wonder if Natasha will fit?

Yes. You are very strong!

Great roll! It should reach the pins in about five minutes after banging back and forth against the bumpers umpteen times. Going 2mph.

Hey Rufus! Your show are glowing!

So how did we do? Are we any good? How deep does our commitment to dorkiness go?

Week 1 Scores: Game 1 - Game 2 - Game 3

Paige 70 73 69
Josh 72 69 89
Paula 123 120 108 (if there's one thing I am is inconsistent. Strike followed up by a gutter ball. What is that? Oh, and have you seen my thumb nail? I lost it somewhere around frame 4.)

Week 2:

Paige 82
Josh 68
Phoebe 66 (never again. Never. EVER!!!!)
Paula 128

There you go. Not too bad, not too good. But worth every single $1. (Week 1 cost us $15 total for three hours of fun. Not bad, huh?)

They have a family league. Did I mention that?

I wonder what our matching bowling shirts should say?