Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer in Connecticut

This is where my sister and I spent a greater part of each summer during our childhood. We grew up under the deep blue sky, deep green trees, and deep love of grandparents.

This is Connecticut in the summer.

From the house you can look down the hill and see the pool.

Ahh, the pool. The memories made in that pool, the shear amounts of pee I peed in that pool.

This is Connecticut in the summer.

Keep going past the pool and you can see the tennis court at the bottom of the hill. I loved playing tennis when I was a kid. No one would play with me because I sucked and if Paige is any indication of how I was as a child I must have been a real bear to try and coach.

So mostly I ran around in circles on the tennis court. But that's fun, too!

This is summer in Connecticut.

If you're bored from the pool or the tennis court, you can always play under the shade of these enourmous maple trees.

It's not hot, not buggy, and not boring.

This is Connecticut in the summer.

Now it's my kids turn to experience the wonder and pleasures of Connecticut in the summer.

Join us, won't you?