Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back at Last

Hello there!

Remember me? The Desert Girl? The one who went on vacation last week and have been absent from your lives all of that time?

I'm BAAaack!!

Did you miss me?

I missed you. Honestly. I sometimes feel some kind of pressure to blog everyday though I certainly know that I don't have to blog at all. I'm sure the kids would love it if I quit.

I thought I could take a week off and enjoy the time away. I have, truly, but truly I have missed logging on and connecting however remotely to my online friends. You know, it takes a village to raise a child.

With that said, I have to tell you that the internet access at our camper is non-existent. So my only opportunity to get online will be when I pile the kids into the car and drive them to a hotspot and try to get all of my computer stuff done before the kids drive me insane.

Or pee on the floor of the library like Phoebe just did.


I have lots of stories and pictures from our trip to post but it will have to wait for another day. A less pee pee on the carpet of a family friendly on base facility kind of day.

Really quickly though, I did get a chance to go running on base this morning without the kids so I could jam out listening to my iPod. Oh, running with music is so awesome!

On my run on the dirt road I saw a roadrunner. These critters are so cool! The are small, only about the size of a small chicken, but they are very long. The one I saw this morning was probably 24" from beak to the tip of its tail.

I guess it was that long. It ran away very quickly when it saw me and MAN! can those suckers fly!! No, not fly. I've never actually seen one fly into the air but they run so fast it may as well be flying. It's a gorgeous sight to behold.

I'll be doing a desert critter post soon so you can see and hear all about the other wildlife we have here in Nowhereland.

And you won't even have to wear jeans or sneakers!