Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Say a Little Prayer for Me!!!!

It's crazy pack and move time again!

In the morning we are checking out of our temporary lodging facility, forever, since they won't continue our reservation although we have one booked through October 2nd. Then we are driving to San Antonio, three hours away, so we can look at some rental properties for when we will be living there beginning August 1st through January 15th.

Got all of that so far?

Wednesday night we will stay on base at Randolph AFB or possibly get a hotel room somewhere next to some poor schmuck not expecting to have the redhead zoo move in beside them.

Thursday morning or early afternoon, we will be flying to Newark, NJ. In Newark we will pick up our rental car and drive 2 and a half hours north to a quaint town in Connecticut to visit my grandmother and Aunt.


We will fly back to San Antonio on Monday and then drive to Del Rio late Monday or early Tuesday. Then we will be living in our 300 square foot travel trailer RV until the end of the month when we will move semi-permanently to San Antonio.

It should be interesting to live for three weeks in 300 square feet with three kids and one Great Dane who is scared of conflict.

Prayers would be appreciated!

Today I had to pack for all of this. Already all of our belongings are divided into two groups: Stuff we won't need until we move into our permanent house after coming back to Del Rio from San Antonio in January, and the stuff we'll need until then and will bring with us to San Antonio.

For the past few weeks our San Antonio stuff has been with us in TLF scattered hither an yon. But TLF is 1300 sq. ft. and the camper is only 300 sq. ft. so some stuff has got to go.

So I repacked everything into one of four categories:

1. Stuff to take with us on the short trip to Connecticut.
2. A little bit more stuff to take with us in the camper for the next three weeks, but not too much because space is at a minimum.
3. Stuff that we will need in San Antonio but don't need for the next three weeks that we can put in our storage facility with the rest of our stuff until we go to San Antonio.
4. Other miscellaneous things that have been unnecessary and can go into permanent storage with our furniture and other housewares.

Got that?

Me neither.

All that's left in TLF right now is the stuff for our Connecticut trip, a half gallon of milk, 2 yogurts, 2 Vault Zeros, and the last of a bottle of wine that is slowly disappearing down my gullet.

Moral of the story: Now you'll understand exactly why I might not be posting much in the next few days.

The Desert Girl is going Yankee.

Wicked Awesome!!!!