Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Camper Livin'

As is typical for us, we seem to do things differently than most people. The latest example of this is our housing situation. We went from a 2400 sq. ft. single family home in the suburbs, to a 1300 sq. ft. duplex, to a 300 sq. ft. travel trailer.

You read right. We've been living for the past three weeks in 300 sq. ft. 300 divided by 5, no make it 6 when you add in the Great Dane, and we each get 6o sq. feet.


Here's our home.

We have a door, an awning we can't use because of the constant winds, not one but two picnic tables, and ample outdoor parking for our three cars and 6 bicycles and 2 scooters.

(Look at that sky would ya? Almost makes this worth it.....)

Don't worry. The camper is bigger than it looks. You see that part sticking out on the right side? That's the slide-out. Yes, people. Be jealous of us. Our living room is on rollers!


When you first enter our palace you'll find Belly sleeping on her ever-shrinking dog bed. Once upon a time the dogs slept on a mattress on the floor, which was replaced by a padded dog bed, then a comforter, and now poor BB's is sleeping on a bath mat.

Turn right past the sleeping dog and you'll be in our bedroom. It has a short queen bed that runs in an "east/west" orientation versus the typical camper "north/south" orientation.

It's better that way, really, so I can sleep up against the wall and not have to worry about falling out of bed when Jerry rolls into me. Again and again, and oh, now that's an elbow!

Did I mention that Jerry is 6'5''?

It also makes it quite interesting to put on sheets. It has to be done with a hop-tuck technique that could win me money on Youtube.

Also in the bedroom is our closet and shoe organizer. How nice my shirts look hanging up on the curtain rod.

Turn left past the sleeping dog and you'll be in the living room, you know, the part on rollers. The couch folds out to a bed where Paige sleeps and across from the couch is a small cabinet with a jealousy-inducing 13" tube TV. But we do have cable!

We are SOO high-tech!

Here's the kitchen. There's a stove with three gas burners, a microwave/convection oven, a sink with running water (!), and a refrigerator/freezer.

We cook typical gourmet meals in this kitchen like Hamburger Helper, hot dogs with mac-n-cheese, and soup.

We have a bench style kitchen table that uncomfortably seats five people. The legs are removable and this too will turn into a bed for some short person or fool.

These messy things are actually bunk beds. Josh sleeps up top, and after shoving the bins to the foot of her bunk, Phoebe sleeps on the bottom. I Martha Stewart-ed the padded wooden baby-blockers that keep the children from rolling out in the middle of the night and smacking their heads on the vinyl flooring.

I tell ya, HIGH tech!

At the extreme end of the camper, and unfortunately directly next to the bunk beds is the bathroom.

There's a cassette toilet, a sink with a hint of counter space, a medicine cabinet, and...

...a shower with a little baby-sized bathtub!

How awesome are WE? Who needs square footage anyway?

I've always said that with little children all you really need is about 5 square feet for the kids to swarm around your ankles.

I didn't mean to ever have to take that literally!