Monday, August 23, 2010

Gone with the Net

When you just can't handle another second in the pool, which hardly ever happens, you can run down the driveway for another type of adventure.

Turn right at the old tree stump, run down the grass hill, and there you are, at the tennis court.

We lost Grandpa a few years ago, and a few years before that he lost the strength to play tennis. The court has been lonely.

It wasn't lonely this afternoon!

We found ball after ball after old half-dissolved tennis ball. Kids don't find things gross like grown-ups do.

The weeds were out of place but sure were fun to collect into fuzzy, beautiful bouquets.

Grandma's are great because they let the children put those allergy inducing weeds in a vase in the kitchen. Moms throw them to the side when the kids aren't looking.

Maybe one day the tennis court will see fast-paced action again. Love-40!!

But until then, it makes for a great running track!

This is summer in Connecticut.