Saturday, August 21, 2010

Days at the Pool

One thing Grandma's house always has are really, really dark rooms for sleeping.

Ahhhh. Sleep.

When you do finally manage to wake up from your mini-coma, the sun is usually bright and waiting for you to come and enjoy its warm rays.

From the stool at Grandpa's chair, you can look down the hill and see the pool.

It's rippling blue waters beckon even the littlest of swimmers.

Come to me. Swim in me. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiting!!

After breakfast and an impatient scramble into swimsuits, it's a mad dash down to the pool.

Let the pruned toes begin!!!

It's a gorgeous pool, shallow enough for youngsters and deep enough for oldsters. Warm enough for quick submersion, cool enough to stay refreshing.

In a word: Perfect.

The corner set of stairs with the fun railing to spin around and around is a favorite of the pee-wee set.

While the rafts, diving rings, and Dads are a favorite of the school-agers.

After a long day of swimming, after your feet are sore from pushing off of the bottom, your eyes are stinging from umpteen hours of opening your eyes underwater, and after you have developed sea legs, it's time to drudge back up to the house.

And the short hill that you so quickly ran down in the morning seems like a mountain on your heavy, water-logged legs.

But with a hearty dinner, another night of coma-like sleeping, you're ready to do it all again tomorrow!

This is summer in Connecticut.