Monday, August 30, 2010

San Felipe Springs

Just down the street from base, at the eastern edge of downtown Del Rio are the San Felipe Springs. It's a series of natural aquifer fed springs that supply the town and base with fresh water, and in the hot months a cool swimming hole for the locals.

Although we call it just The Springs, the real name for this section is Horseshoe park. I just learned that interesting fact after doing a quick search online for facts about the springs.

Apparently there is another swimming spot farther down with rapids and a jumping bridge. We shall have to go and explore!

You can click here to read more about it if you want.

On this bridge is Highway 90, the main east west road through town and past the base. The park is directly next to the highway but despite the proximity you'd never know it while playing in the cool waters.

Jerry likes to swim under the bridge and scare the kids. Of course I'm not scared of a dark and spooky cave-like deep area under a bridge with umpteen 18-wheelers going overhead.

That would be silly.

The water is chilly, around 72 degrees or some other nonsense, but the kids don't seem to mind. The bottom of the swimming area is full of little to medium sized rocks.

Can you guess what the kids liked to do with the rocks?

Thank goodness we went in the morning when it was empty. Come 3 or 4 o'clock and the locals keep this place packed. You should see it on weekend nights. Tents, cook-outs, slip-n-slides, you name it. This is a true community area. Kinda makes me want to learn Spanish.

Behind Paige is the train track going over the springs. There is one train track running parallel with Highway 90 and a train going a million miles an hour every 30 minutes or so. Of course they slow down, and like today even stop while going over the bridge and through town.

The longest train I've counted had five engines and 210 cars, mostly double-deckers. That's a lot of crap from China.

Phoebe loved the water but hated walking around in her new Crocs. I finally broke down and bought her a pair of real Crocs, not the knock-offs from Target, but they're too narrow for her chubby feet.

Oh, well. Target, here we come!

The water moves quite fast, fast enough that you need to be sure footed or holding a parents hand while walking around. There are a few little rapids at this park and of course Paige had to fall over them.

While she flailed and tried to drown, we yelled encouraging words at her like, "PUT YOUR FEET DOWN! YOU CAN TOUCH! AND YOU KNOW HOW TO SWIM!!"

When do young girls get any sense?

Here's me making a face because I really didn't want any face time this week. I'm having an issue with my hair, adult acne, wrinkles, and cellulite.

I'll let you read this historical marker if you want. From its aged appearance this sign must have been there forever but I've only noticed it on this last visit. Who knew?

But I promise you that if I see any wild camels wandering around the desert I will notice and take some pictures for you.