Friday, August 13, 2010

The Cactus Cup

Before I entertain you with stories from New England, let me back up and show you a few more things we are enjoying here in the desert.

Before I entertain you with stories of things we're enjoying here in the desert, let me back up and explain a small point I've been meaning to make.

We love it here, there's no doubting that. We like the city of Del Rio and the desert is cool, no HOT, but the other huge reason we love it here is because of living on base. I won't bore you with details but living on this base in particular is great because of an almost limitless number of activities that are close, clean, and safe.

Like the bowling alley, the library, the pool, an auto hobby shop, a framing shop, shopping, bike paths, nature trails, digging for fossils, playgrounds, the running track, and the soccer field.

I've never played soccer for recreation, only for a few painful weeks back in high school P.E. (There's lots of running in soccer and back then I was a running wimp.)

But while reading The Pioneer Woman the other day (love her!), I read about how her family plays soccer together on occasional evenings. I loved the idea of that and thought our crew might enjoy doing that as well.

So instead of taking the kids running like I do most mornings, we stopped at the track so we could play soccer.

At first the kids were all very enthusiastic. Imagine caged animals being set free and you'll have a proper mental picture of their initial excitement. They burst out of the gate and went for the ball like sharks on chum.

Josh quickly took the position of goalie because it allowed him to legally pick up the ball with his hands.

What he misunderstood though, was that we were playing soccer and not keep-away-from-Phoebe. I tried to explain to him that until she is quite a bit older, she will never, ever be able to chase him or Paige down and the take the ball from them. He has to give it to her. Yes, babe. On purpose. Right now.

Like everything else sporty or physical he's tried, Josh was a natural at kicking the ball. I didn't have to teach him a thing. He looked like a miniature World Cup hero in the making all by God-given talent. (Good for him...little jerk.)

Paige on the other hand learned her mad soccer skills from me, the BEST soccer player in the UNIVERSE!!!! (I'm so sorry Paige. I hope Dad can fix you later.) (I love you!)

Phoebe eventually gave up trying to play the field and decided to take a turn at being goalie.

Unfortunately Josh wasn't having it. Poor Phoebe. You'll get there my sweet little puddle maker. And when you do watch out world, here comes Super-Phoebe!!!

Overall it was a fun experience that lasted maybe ten minutes. We'll try again sometime this week.

Maybe we'll make it eleven minutes!