Friday, August 13, 2010

Boat Trip Part 2

So there we were, cruising around the beautiful Lake Amistad enjoying the warm sun, cool breeze, and salty peanut butter sandwiches.

Minding our own business.

Do you know what happens when a small child is walking on the deck of a moving boat and the boat comes to sudden and startled stop?

Phoebe, the Super-baby missile!!!

(Luckily I have the reflexes of a much younger woman. NOT. Luckily Phoebe was wearing a very soft and bouncy life jacket!)

So there we were, floating aimlessly in the middle of a lake, under a hot, hot sun, breeze gone, and sandwiches now fish food after flying through the air.

What to do?

Hey Jerry. Whatchoo doing sitting up front?

I see our wake but who is driving?

Oh, I see! The salty old lake-bird from the marina is tugging us back to the marina behind a really old and sad looking ski boat!

There can be good that comes from a broken boat. Now there is plenty of time for playing with Dad, the kids favorite person.

And Josh can steer the boat to his hearts content.

I didn't get any photos of the exchange, but a different boat dude from the marina met us about halfway back with a replacement pontoon boat. As we were planning on calling it a day anyway before the first boat broke we decided to just cruise on back to the marina.

It didn't take us long before we realized there was something wrong with this new boat. When we first boarded it, we noticed how wet everything was, like someone had just sprayed it with a hose. That's what I assumed the marina-man had done to warsh away the spiders and other various creepy crawly stow-aways so pervasive on the marina's boats.

But after a few more miles per hour, the mystery of the water was solved.

It was like our own personal spray ground right there on pontoon boat #2!

The water just splashed and splashed up onto the decking, coming from the front left corner. The kids had a blast standing in the oncoming deluge! See, they even had their own swimming pool on the front left bench!

I had the only dry seat on board in the front right corner. Poor Jerry who was once again acting Skipper was wetter than them all!

His cheeks hurt from laughing by the time we made it back to the marina.

So despite our first broken boat, then second breaking boat, we had a really fun time on the lake. We got to see some goats, "check the pH" of the water, get splashed violently over and over, and eat lots of snacks. Over all a great day!

And we were reminded yet again why we will never, ever, never ever ever ever ever buy a boat again.

We'll just keep breaking the ones at the marina instead!