Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An Awesome Meal

In case you missed my post about how my job kind of sucks and my husbands job is both awful and awesome, you can click here to read all about my woes.

To sum up, Jerry gets to go on weekend trips to all of these fun places, all on the government dollar, while I get to stay home and maybe have some wild fun and go to Wal-Mart.

To drive home my slightly whiny and definitely spoiled point, here is a visual demonstration of how awesome his weekends away are, and how not awesome are my weekends home alone.

Exhibit A - Jerry's meal at Reef, Downtown Houston

Fried macaroni and cheese, sauteed spinach, and lemon-encrusted redfish with some kind of fancy sauce.

Exhibit B - Dinner at home with three kids

An assortment of sugar-infused, carb-heavy breakfast cereals topped with non-organic, steroid-free 2% cows milk.


I rest my case. My husbands job is way awesomer.