Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jerry's HUGE Dangler

After a few weeks of waiting patiently, there is now a lot of activity on Jerry's big giant white dangler.

A LOT of attention!

Sometimes there are 10 of them trying to all get onto Jerry's dangler at the same time!

There is fighting, slapping, squealing, and hurt feelings all in the attempt to get the best spot on Jerry's huge dangler.

Jerry knew the day would come when his dangler would be the most popular on our street.

And from the action his dangler is getting, I would venture a guess that his dangler is the most popular on the whole base!

It really is quite peaceful, really, watching all of the action on his dangler. Even with all of the bickering and posturing for position. I mean really, is there a BAD position to be on when you're on the dangler?

It's big enough for them all!

In fact, Jerry is afraid his dangler isn't enough anymore so he's threatening to bring in another dangler.

I don't think we need two enormous danglers around here, do you?


Did I forget to mention that his dangler is full of finch food?

Jeez, people! Get your minds out of the gutter! Isn't it obvious I was talking about a bird feeder?

Nasty, dirty minds! I simply don't understand that kind of thinking......